Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Scene and Summary in the book "buzzkill"

In the book that I am reading, the author(Beth Fantaskey) uses a lot of both scene and summary. One of the ways that she uses summary is when she just quickly summed up Millie's life before high school and how Millie's mother died of cancer when Millie was only in grammar school. One of the ways that she uses scene is when she described in detail  what it was like for Millie when she was washing Baxter with chase in dead Coach Killdare's bathroom floor. She also used scene when she was describing the way that Millie was dressed for the dance and how she felt in Chase's car, which was quote on quote "the perfect temperature". 

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  1. I.V.y, nice job identifying instances of both scene and summary in your story. You picked out two strong examples. One little grammatical note--when you write "quote on quote," what I think you're actually trying to say is "quote unquote," and that's not something you ever need to write out because when you're writing, you just use quotation marks, like you did. The phrase "quote unquote" is used when you're telling a story or giving information out loud and you want to indicate that something should be in quotation marks without actually writing them down. Let me know if this doesn't make sense, and I can explain in class. :-)