Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Story Teaser for "Me, Ivan, and the Great Escape"

        " Let's listen to Taylor and get out of this town," Ivan says thoughtfully as we listen to Taylor Swift's popular song "Wildest Dream".
        " Yeah, but where should we go?" I reply actually thinking about this suggestion. Should we actually run away from home? I mean what about my parents. You know what, they probably won't even know I'm gone.
       " We can go to New York, I mean we are eligible to get jobs." He suggests because he knows that I have been dying to go there for years. " We can even take my car."
       " Okay. Tomorrow, we can leave at 8 a.m

I really like this part of the short story that I am writing because it shows when Ivan and Eli are plotting about their "Great Escape" away from their careless families. Another reason that like this dialogue is because it shows the inspiration to their plot.


  1. Hey, I.V.y! Thanks for sharing this awesome excerpt from your story! I LOVE the dialogue--it has a John Green-ish feel to it, which is awesome!

    I want to chat with you about tense agreement when we're back in school next week. Sometimes you use present tense in places where it would make a lot more sense to use past tense. Overall, though, I love the suspense and the authenticity of your dialogue!

  2. I liked the use of dialogue because I usually say where are we going because I want to know where we are going that day. Also there aren't any spelling errors which makes the story a little easier to understand. Last I want to figure out what happens in the story.