Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Game Maker

The Game Maker
It was December 26, the day after Christmas, and Aiden, Mia, Kelsey, Logan, and I were arriving one by one at Logan’s family's old campground in the peaks of the Poconos. It was a ghost town when I got dropped off with one of my best friends, Aiden, at the cable car station and I didn’t know if we should’ve stayed and waited for the others to arrive, or to just go ahead and meet them at the cabin lodge.
“So, you wanna just go ahead?” Aiden asked me, interrupting my thoughts.
“What, oh, yeah sure, there’s no use just staying here in the cold.” I reply distracted. Just then, I saw something that looked like a shadowy figure pass by. “Did you see that?”
“See what? I didn’t see anything,” he said back.
“Oh, ok, nevermind then. Oh, look! There’s our car.”  As we  walked over to the station, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had saw. I had no idea what I had seen at that time, but I wish I had. If I had known what was coming, I would have been able to save my friends. After I thought about that I started walking faster than usually.
Soon enough. We had arrived at the lodge and cleaned it up a bit before our other friends arrived. After we cleaned up the lodge, we started to clean up the other cabin. The cabin had been small and dreary, but no one who care about that now. It wasn’t as nice and cozy as the lodge and it certainly wasn’t as easy to clean. A few minutes later, after we had gone back into the lodge, I heard a knock at the door and went to go meet our guests. To my surprise, there was nothing there except for a small note with neat handwriting on the front. Man, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into by reading that single cursed letter.
“Hey, Aiden, commhere real quick, I found something.” I called out to him.
“What’s that?” His face looked confused as I handed him the note.
“I wonder who could have put this here, my dad said that no one came up this time of the year.” My  anxiety went down after I saw two of my other friends appear out of the freshly brewed snow storm. It was Kelsey and and Mia, and they didn’t look to happy.
“Ugh, I can’t believe that I had to walk the whole way from the station to here in my brand new uggs,” Mia grunted.
“Hey, it’s not that bad, I told you not to wear them,” Kelsey replied back. They were twin sisters and didn’t get along.
“Hey guys, over here,” I shouted over to them.
“Oh thank god, it’s Liv,” Kelsey and Mia said in unison. The three of us had been best friends since grammar school and had been inseparable ever since. Well, that was when we could.
After all the “hugs” and “hellos” were over, Logan strolled into the lodge and the greetings began again. Logan is my boyfriend, and the jock of the group. I hugged him hello and then we all gathered in the rec room to hang out.
“Who wants to play pool?” Aiden shouted to the rest of us from across the room.
“Me and Livy will play,” Logan shouted back.
“Oh, us too,” Mia added.
“Um, actually I don’t really want to play right now, but i’ll join later,” I said without taking my eyes off the T.V. screen. My favorite show was on and I wouldn't dare miss it.
“Me either,” Kelsey said, “I have to finish this book!” She wasn’t the type that liked fun. Her idea of fun was homework and going to school.
“Okay party poopers, you go and do your things while we have FUN,” Mia laughed. I didn’t mind that she called me that, because well, she’s Mia and she is all about “fun”, which in her mind was partying every night and doing whatever she wants to do.
About an hour later, the pool game was over and everybody was on the couch and ready to watch my favorite horror movie, “The Cabin in the Woods”. The last thing that I remember before the horror was Logan pulling me out of bed and shouting that we had to go. That’s when heard it, a blood curdling scream that shakes my bones still to this day.
“Come on we have to leave now, get out of bed it’s not safe here,” Logan shouts, and has a look of fear on his face, something that I have never seen before. As I am struggling to put on my coat and shoes, I dare to ask the question.
“What is going on, why isn’t it safe?” I am really scared right now because I know in my gut that something has to be terribly wrong if this is happening. This was supposed to be a fun weekend and this new look of horror on Logan’s face is something that I don’t like.
“There’s no time to explain, common let’s go!” Just then, I heard a scream again, but this time it felt louder. He grabbed my hand and practically dragged me into the cold and snowy night. “The others are waiting for us at the storm shelter, we have to hurry, or we might not make it.”
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE MIGHT NOT MAKE IT?” I shouted at him, now this was taking it too far. “Is this a prank, cause’ if it is, it’s not funny and i’m not laughing.”
“It’s not a jok-,” that’s when the scream came again, and really close this time.
“We need to go, and right now!”
“You don’t need to tell me twice,” I replied sarcastically while we sprinted to the safe house.
“Oh thank god you guys are okay,” Kelsey said greeting us like her life depended on it.
“What was that noise, and what is happening?”  I cried, tears starting to well  in my eyes. I had no idea what the danger was, because nobody had told me about what was in the letter. Even though I was the one to discover it, I never dared to open the letter because who knew what was in there. And when one of them did open that letter, it was the biggest mistake of their life and that letter made them pay.
When Mia handed me that cursed piece of paper, I already knew something was wrong. That’s when I read it, I still regret it to this day;

Dear helpless children,
     You have made a big mistake coming up to my mountain alone. You are not safe here and I will make sure of it. Children aren’t meant to be without parents and now that you’ve read this letter, the game has began. Have “fun” and try to make it through the night and to safety alive.
Yours Truly,
The Game Maker

“I can’t believe this,” I said under my breath, “We have to split up and try to find a way to the bottom of the mountain. I’ll go with Logan, and you three go together.”
“OK, sounds like a plan. We’ll go left, and you go right,” Aiden replies.
Logan and I were about halfway down the mountain when I heard the scream that obviously belonged to Mia. Logan had clearly heard it too, because he looked at me and said in a reassuring voice that she probably just saw a spider. Then, we heard it again, but this time followed by the noise of a chainsaw.
“That’s definitely not a spider,” I reply as we start running, “ that was a chainsaw!” At this point, we are trying to get down the mountain as fast as we can, while trying to keep our eyes peeled for the Game Maker. I knew by the way that Logan was squeezing my hand, that he too was terrified.
It was about an hour later when another scream brewed from somewhere on the mountain. This time, it was Kelsey's. Then the chain saw. Suddenly, I felt a cold and large hand on my back and screamed as loud as I could before the person covered my mouth.
“Shhhhhhhhhh,” he said, “It’s just me, Aiden.”
“Oh my gosh, you scared me half to death,” I replied out of breath.
“We have to get out of here before the Game Maker ge-... AHHHHHHHHHH,” And then, Aiden was gone.
“We need to leave, NOW,” I shouted at Logan.
“You don’t need to tell me twice!” We were finally at the bottom of the mountain when the sun started to peek out from the trees, like a small child behind his mother.
“Hahaha,” a distorted voice chuckled from the P.A, “You’ve won for now, but I’ll be back for more, I promise, for I am the Game Maker, and the Game maker always wins!”
That’s the last that I heard from the Gamer Maker, and thank the heavens too. He still gives me nightmares till this day and I will never forget that night. Remember my boyfriend, Logan? Yeah, he doesn’t talk to anybody but me now, he won’t even talk to his family, or coaches. And to add to that, when they recovered the bodies, they couldn’t recognize them.
Ring, ring. Hold on lemme get that real quick. That’s weird, nobody has called me in months, except the psychiatrist. After all, my friends aren’t with us anymore, remember.
“Hello, Livy,” said a familiar and distorted voice, “remember me?”


  1. I.V.y, I loved your story! The dialogue was so realistic! For example, when the Mia said, "OK party poopers, you go and do your things while we have FUN!". I could really picture a person saying that. I especially loved the suspense at the end. Who was it that called her!

  2. This story is really good your dialogue was realistic. Your story seems pretty fun yeah. I feel like if you described more with what happened when the Game Maker was there adn what th eobstacles was of getting out it would have been a way better.

  3. This story is really good your dialogue was realistic. Your story seems pretty fun yeah. I feel like if you described more with what happened when the Game Maker was there adn what th eobstacles was of getting out it would have been a way better.

  4. I liked how your story starts off with scary things happening like a shadow passing by. Also I liked the forshadowing like when you said "If I had known what was coming, I would have been able to save my friends" that just makes me want to read more.