Monday, January 4, 2016

"What is it that you will do with your one wild and precious life?"

      With this wild and precious life that I have, I will learn to live life to it's fullest, and keep doing what I do best. I will take chances whenever I can, and challenge myself often. Once, in the fourth grade, I thought that I was not very good at math or reading, until my teacher inspired me to keep trying. Because of her, I'm now in honors math and doing very well too. I will be inspired by positive and productive things and keep moving forward no matter what. I won't let silly things like negative people put me down and make me stop trying, I will let their negativity make me stronger and a better person. Someday, I will be a big success because of all the challenges that I will take when I am young. Like Forrest Gump once said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." So, I will live life to the fullest because in a split second, someone can take that all away.

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  1. I.V.y, thank you for sharing these lovely sentiments, and for inspiring me with your hopes for your "wild and precious life"! I especially love that you have made it a goal to not let negativity get you down. If more people could do that successfully, what beauty we'd see in the world! I am confident that you'll achieve these awesome goals for yourself!